ROBOSERIOUS is a serious game and virtual reality based education environment for bomb disposal robot.

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A Serious Game and Virtual Reality Based Education Environment for Bomb Disposal Robot


Terrorism is one of the most crucial problems nowadays. Terrorists cause a significant amount of destruction and loss of lives by using different means of offense. One of their most preferred means of attack is to use explosive materials. Thus, the act of defusing bombs to prevent these losses of lives has been continuously gaining importance over time. While defusing a bomb can save a substantial amount of lives, some of them still need to be risked in the act of defusing the bomb itself. Hence, robots and tools specializing in bomb diffusion have become popular and useful tools to also protect the lives of the people whose jobs are to defuse the bombs. However, the military personnel need to be trained to use these highly complicated devices before any dangerous scenario occurs. Focusing on this, military forces have begun using simulations and tools to train these personnel without incurring high costs or risking their lives. Hence, the aim of this study is to develop a training platform, which contains a 3D virtual environment similar to real environment, to train the military personnel about how they should setup and use the robots for bomb diffusion.

Lıterature Revıew SRS SDD
VR Technology for Bomb Disposal Robot | ROBOSERIOUS

In the literature review, it was observed that the military forces should always be ready to protect their independence during any terrorist attack. For this reason, military forces should be continuously prepared and trained for different situations. Simulations have an important place in this field. Military forces can be trained in different situations and on different equipment in a safe environment at any time through simulations. For this reason, the simulations in the military area should be designed in such a way that they are close to reality and that meaningful data can be obtained from the results. In addition, training costs are significantly reduced by simulations. Despite all these benefits, it has been realized that there is no simulation on the use of bomb disposal robots. It was decided that a serious game should be developed in this area, as long as the bomb disposal experts needed long periods of time to be trained.

ROBOSERIOUS was developed to prevent loss of life!


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Virtual Technology

ROBOSERIOUS has been developed in the most similar way to real life with virtual reality technologies.

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